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20147 Profile Clank [MM]4061.89Darwin
22458 Andrew Dicker1208.99Darwin
21242 Profile diDi783.31Darwin
12542 Profile [AF>Amis des Lapins]...768.16Microsoft Windows 7
22373 Billy662.34Darwin
23684 Sergey569.52Microsoft Windows 7
23986 Michael Thompson567.52Darwin
24194 Alberto549.92Linux

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Born 17 March 1973 Charlotte, NC, USA, age 40 years. Reside there again after living in Triangle, NC (4 months); Matthews, NC (2.5 years); and Butner,...

Weird numbers - The best three results

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Goldbach's Conjecture Verification result

Down range: 1050
Estimated date end of the calculation (*): 7247-02-10

Approximate remaining time (*): 5235 years, 285 days, 21 hours, 49 minutes, 38 seconds
Upper range: 1050 + 9.1367 ⋅ 1014
WU Completed: 182 621
Total WU: 182 734
Progress (*): 0.0365242 %
(*) To achieve the 1050 + 1018.
The biggest CPU Time in GSCE subproject: Host 291 CPU time: 1 552.116 hours.


Technical break
The OProject@Home System will be transferred to the new server. The system will be available after 10/08/2014. 26 Jul 2014 | 5:29:14 UTC · Comment

ALX is now available.
ALX is now available (test tasks from the new generator). 31 May 2014 | 18:32:23 UTC · Comment

Subprojects statistics available in XML files
Subproject statistics are available in XML files (extension *.txt).

The path to the files:


ALX: http://atom.oproject.info/stats_subprojects/users_alx.txt
GSCE-SV: http://atom.oproject.info/stats_subprojects/users_gsce-sv.txt
Shor SP: http://atom.oproject.info/stats_subprojects/users_shor-sp.txt
Shor DP: http://atom.oproject.info/stats_subprojects/users_shor-dp.txt
Weird: http://atom.oproject.info/stats_subprojects/users_weird-odd.txt
Weird Odd: http://atom.oproject.info/stats_subprojects/users_weird.txt

The files are updated once a day (at night).
12 Oct 2013 | 12:02:58 UTC · Comment

BOINC Stock Exchange - discussion
Dear fellows!

I would like to raise in public the possibility of opening the BOINC Stock Exchange. Because of the desire to launch a public debate on the subject I decided to create a thread on this and several other forums of BOINC teams. BOINC Stock Exchange would act in the same way as regular exchange with one difference that there would be a rotation of BOINC credits instead of money. In that case everyone could sell or buy credits of a chosen project for price set by the rights of the exchange rate.

This topic is quite controversial but I’m counting on a productive exchange of views.

I’d like to ask you also to take part in the survey. You can cast your vote supporting the idea of BOINC Stock Exchange or against it. The survey can be found at the bottom of the page http://atom.oproject.info/bse/index.php#pull.

The concept of BOINC Stock Exchange is a very wide subject and it’s impossible to put it in only one post. However, I hope that the sixteen following questions and answers will bring you closer the idea. These points contain many concepts (sometimes mutually exclusive). You shouldn’t understand them as a one and only coherent vision of the BOINC Stock Exchange – these are rather different examples of problems and possible attempts of resolving them.
8 Sep 2013 | 14:29:00 UTC · Comment

The sub-project Shor's Algorithm is slowly going to an end

The sub-project Shor's Algorithm is slowly going to an end. Tasks will be still available for some time, so it will be possible to download them, calculate and return for the validation.

Many users have complained about the lack of apps for Windows. Therefore, at the end we decided to add an Shor's Algorithm application for Windows. The application is not yet available for this platform (because of some technical problems), but this should change soon.

Thank you all for your help in the calculation. Also, thanks to your support we were able to create a paper: "Simulation of a functional quantum system on parallel, classical IV generation computers" (English title).
15 Jul 2013 | 17:57:45 UTC · Comment

Bachelor of Science thesis
It was published my Bachelor of Science thesis: "Symulacja funkcjonalnego systemu kwantowego na równoległych komputerach klasycznych IV generacji".

English title: "Simulation of a functional quantum system on parallel, classical IV generation computers".

The thesis can be downloaded from the CEON repository - URL:

Thesis available only in Polish.
22 Jun 2013 | 10:52:01 UTC · Comment

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